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How NLP Helps

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the perfect companion to Coaching. NLP techniques accelerate your positive changes. 

Typical issues NLP helps to get quicker results for you include:​

  • Generating positive thought patterns to boost your self-esteem and motivation

  • Strengthening your mindset leading to increased confidence to rebalance and achieve the life you really want

  • Putting to bed unhelpful beliefs about yourself or your abilities at work or in daily life, and replacing them with new empowering ones

  • Reducing anxiety or overwhelm from past or present situations giving you an inner peace and calmness

  • How to use language and your individual personality profiling so that you can improve your communication skills and build better and closer relationships at work and at home

  • Lose the internal tug-of-war which holds you back so that you no longer feel you're constantly fighting yourself, and instead can take action with the plans and dreams you've always wanted

NLP Sessions are usually carried out as part of my packages although fewer sessions may be suitable depending on your issue (for example, phobia cures). Please email me if you are interested in finding out more at

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