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Anne Gilkes sitting on a rock Devon coast

Why I'm passionate about Coaching & Training

When I was in my early 20s, as a young ground engineer, I found myself in charge of numerous projects, teams and reclamation developments - yet I had no training in how to manage people.

I muddled through and gained my own way of sorting out various people related issues.


As my career progressed I became responsible for the marketing, business, financial and technical quality of a regional office.  Juggling roles of an effective senior team leader, motivator, marketer, financial controller,  planner, project manager and parent! And to be honest, I didn't always get it right or achieve the best results.

Fast-forward to today and I can only wish I'd been given the tools and shown the strategies that I now share with my coaching and training clients. And this is why I'm committed to sharing my knowledge gained from both my own professional journey, and through my coaching and NLP qualifications.

Many organisations, especially in the sectors around construction, technology and engineering, are often still focused on the technical training and simply forget about interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills. And without these you can be fighting a losing battle, ending up with low confidence and self-doubt (aka Imposter Syndrome). And yes - I've suffered from this in the past too...

Now I'm on a mission to provide coaching and training workshops to help people understand themselves and those around them. This is the first step in growing confident. As you develop you'll find that you can connect better with others, speak clearly with authority and build authentic relationships.


And in a workplace environment this encourages more productive and engaged teams and staff, reducing employee turnover with more harmony between colleagues and less misunderstandings.


Common issues my clients have include feeling anxious about going into meetings, concern they won't be taken seriously enough, feeling credible (aka 'Imposter Syndrome'), worrying that they can't get their message across clearly and feeling overwhelmed and disorganised.


On a personal note, my own coaching journey - and especially the NLP techniques and strategies -  has led me to rediscover adventure and enjoy new challenges. When I'm not working, you'll generally find me out and about with my best dog-mate Bobby, ambling by (or in!) the sea, or given half the chance - up a mountain! 


If my journey resonates with you and you'd like to see if we're a good fit, let's arrange a virtual meet-up. ​

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