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On a mission to empower you to confidently achieving while looking after your inner wellbeing

Are you wanting to be promoted, maybe you're taking on more responsibility? Or perhaps you've started running your own business? It doesn't mean you suddenly have all the skills you want!


When I become a Regional Manager back in 2000 I suddenly needed to learn how to be a team leader, motivator, marketer, financial controller,  planner, project manager and exceptional juggler! 


How many times do we step into roles without formal training and we're left figuring out how managing and leading a team works. Or how to talk to clients and colleagues confidently!

 I'm actually an introvert - and it took me a long time to realise what this means, and how to overcome my natural shyness, quietness and play to my strengths. And you can too!

And also the importance of looking after your own wellbeing - something I forgot about for too long with the juggling of work and family life with 2 boys. That's why I've named my coaching programme EmpowerWELL. Because you need to be Well to be Empowered.

Through my own professional journey in the field of construction, and then with the empowering tools of Coaching and with the magic of NLP, I've discovered a confidence and richness to life I had no idea was possible!


I've rediscovered adventure and created a business that once seemed as out of reach as the stars! I'd love to journey alongside you so you reach this point too - but without taking the 30 years I took!

If my journey resonates with you and you'd like to see if we're a good fit, let's talk! 

P. S. When I'm not working, you'll generally find me out and about with my best dog-mate Bobby, ambling by (or in!) the sea, or given half the chance - up a mountain! 

Anne Gilkes Coaching
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