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Empowering You to Grow Confidently

Hi, I'm Anne.

I help professionals, managers and business owners to enhance their communicating, and leading skills and be more confident.

Inspire and motivate yourself and others, strengthen your teams, and boost your productivity.

1 to 1 Coaching, Group Training and Workshops available to take your skills to the next level and achieve more without neglecting your personal balance!

You absolutely CAN head up that team, go for that promotion or run that business - and do it Confidently & WELL!  

You might just need a little help to elevate the skills I know you already have...

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What's the story of your success?

Sometimes when you're promoted, take on a new position, or start running a business, you suddenly find you're juggling, managing and leading a team. Which is fantastic!

Except when you're left trying to figure it all out for yourself, and questioning whether you're good enough...

And I've witnessed this so many times - plus I've been through it myself! 

This is why I'm passionate about passing on my 30+ years of knowledge and experiences gained being a successful manager and leader, combined with the power of coaching and mentoring with NLP.
This unique combination will unlock the door to you confidently living your fulfilling future.

If you're a manager, leader or business owner, take a look at my EmpowerWELL Programme to discover how it can help you and your teams step into your own superpowers! 

"Anne's caring attitude made my coaching experience something that I'll remember for the rest of my life. 

I have renewed motivation, self-confidence, and stark realisation of what I can and can't control in my life. This has set me free!"

Nicky G. 

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How we can work together


 DISC: A Secret Code Book!

Understanding your natural style and the different styles of those around you is like having a secret code book in your pocket! 

Grow your communicating skills and learn how to decode the different people you manage and lead.


You'll have more harmony and less misunderstandings with colleagues, clients and in personal relationships.

At just £97 for your individual DISC profile plus a 30 min 1:1 review with me, this is a great starting point.


EmpowerWELL Programme for Professionals, Managers & Business Owners

Enhance your communicating, leading, motivating and wellbeing skills so you can achieve more of what you want CONFIDENTLY.

We'll look at the issues and gaps personal to you. This may include communicating, goal setting, overcoming Imposter Syndrome, & time managing strategies.


All with a Wellbeing Focus.

This is a 6 Month Programme and we need to talk to design it specifically for you.


Procrastination Buster Power-Through

This for you if you're fed up of feeling stuck. Yet another week has gone by without doing 'that action' - the one you're always putting off...


Procrastinating, going round in circles and feeling self-doubt.

Book in a Power-Through Session and you'll get clarity of what's important,  a personal motivating strategy and get free from blocks that are holding you back.


Taking action, accountability, with empowering tools and strategies over a 2 hour session for £250

Book your Free no obligation Discovery Call

Wondering how I can help you and want to know if we're a fit?

To find out more about how we can work together please fill in the form below to drop me a message, or click the button right now to book a virtual coffee consultation. 

(I'm pretty straight forward & I promise I'm not scary..!)

Anne Gilkes

Empowering You to Grow Confidently

Thanks for getting in touch!  I'll get back to you within the day if I can!

Join my tribe and stay in touch for regular tips, tools and strategies for creating more of what you want - plus the odd bit of rambling too! 

Thank you for signing up! And I promise not to spam you, only send you good stuff!

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