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Supporting Managers, Leaders and Business Owners in Engineering and STEM to step into their potential and achieve greater success.

How I Can Help You and Your Teams

Personal NLP & Coaching | Individual & Group Training for the Workplace.

Young female entrepreneur having personal business coaching on confidence and communicating

For Personal Coaching

Running a team or business can be tough and lonely, sometimes feeling like you 'don't deserve it' - especially if you're newly promoted or managing change. ​

NLP Coaching allows you the space to think, reflect and plan your next steps. I'll help you turn around any unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with positive, motiving and inspiring strategies.


We'll work together on your communicating skills so you can become confident in what you do and say, both in and out of work. 


​Personal coaching is bespoke and what we do depends on your specific situation and needs.

I offer online International Coaching, and in person (Southwest UK).

For Your Workplace

Technical training is great but sometimes staff need additional support and training to develop 'softer' skills.  

Co-workers who can communicate well and understand the differences in each other encourage a positive working culture - giving better team and individual performance and becoming more productive and successful.


​I offer Workplace Training and Coaching to develop your managers' and teams' interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence - the glue that holds your teams together.


Instead of employee stand-offs, you'll have teams connecting, engaging and collaborating - better retention and a happier productive workplace with far less misunderstandings. 

anne Gilkes presenting ground engineering conference workshop


Highly recommend Anne for supporting transformation work with your team. Anne created a bespoke session to introduce a group of c. 40 ground engineers to psychology and how it affects team performance.


Everyone was talking about their style and preferences for the evening and day afterwards, and it's become normalised language for inclusion and growth rather than judgement and silo forming.


Perfect fit to the brief and also great that she's a ground engineer too.

Charlotte Woodhall-Jones (CEng MICE CGeol FGS)

Discipline Lead - Ground Engineering at

SYSTRA UK & Ireland Ltd


Anne Gilkes Online Coaching for confidence building and enhancing your communicating skills

Anne is a Certified NLP* Business Coach and NLP Practitioner, DISC Profiler and Chartered Engineer delivering personal and group training, mentoring and coaching to managers, team leaders and business owners, enhancing their communicating, motivating and leadership skills. 


With over 30 years’ experience Anne is passionate about bringing coaching and 'soft skills' training into the areas of engineering, technology and science.  


Using a practical approach to problem solving, Anne shares tools and strategies that quickly bring about positive behaviour and cultural change. ​

*Why Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching?

*Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching uses additional skills focusing on behavioural styles, our internal strategies and how our brains process language consciously and subconsciously. Coaching with NLP create changes quickly and at a deeper level than having coaching alone.​


Anne is a Member of the Association for NLP and follows a framework in which to operate and practice NLP Skills Ethically, Professionally, Independently and with Credibility. You can view Anne's ANLP Profile here.


For more information or to arrange a call, drop  me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for contacting me - I'll be in touch shortly.

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